Create a VPN connection (Vista screens)

    1.  On the client machine, right click the network icon in the tray and click the Network and Sharing Center.
    2. In the Network and Sharing Center window, click the Set up a connection or network on the left side of the window.
    3. On the Choose a connection option page, click on the Connect to a workplace entry and click Next.
      Connect to a workplace window
    4. Depending on your current network setup, you may be asked whether you want to re-use existing connection.
      Re-use connection window
    5. On the How do you want to connect page, select the Use my Internet connection (VPN) entry.Use my Internet Connection
    6. On the Type the Internet address to connect to page, enter the name of the VPN server SSTP.HILSBERG.COM.
      Enter a Destination name eg. The Hilsberg Connection.
      Click Next.The Hilsberg Connection
    7. On the Type your user name and password page, enter User name, Password and Domain HILSBERG. (You should know the values that were assigned to you)
      Click Connect.User name, password, domain window
    8. Click Close on the You are connected page.
    9. On the Select a location for the “The Hilsberg Connection” network page, select the Work option.
    10. Click Continue on the UAC prompt. (If you see one)
    11. Click Close on the Successfully set network settings page
    12. In the Network and Sharing Center, click on the View status link in the VPN to Hilsberg section.
      Network and Sharing Center
    13. You will see in the The Hilsberg Connection Status dialog box that the VPN connection type is PPTP.
      VPN Detail Status
    14. Make sure that the connection uses CHAP v2. In connection properties check
    15. In the DOS window type:
      You should see something like this:
    16. In the DOS prompt type:
      or, for test of static routing, type:
      If your VPN connection is successful, you will receive a ping reply.


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